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Thursday, January 31st, 2002

Steven Den Beste wrote a great article on conditions at Guantanamo Bay and how the Europeans are just using it as an excuse to bash America. Quote:

The stark contrast is not merely the conditions in two facilities, bu also the disporortionate attention paid to the two by human rights organizations and by European politicians and editorial writers. Ignoring the horrible inhumanity of conditions in Shibergan, they reserve their sharpest criticism for Guantanamo. (One has to wonder which they themselves would prefer if they had to choose one.)

Which leads to the overwhelming suspicion that the criticism actually never had anything to do with compassion for the prisoners. It was always about finding some reason to criticize the U.S. For America-haters in Europe, this war has been an unmitigated disaster. They can’t seem to find anything to complain about!

Thursday, January 31st, 2002

In today’s New York Times there is a very disturbing article in the Washington section of the National Briefing section. Quote:


Criticizing the Consumer Product Safety Commission she led until three months ago, Ann Brown said that a loophole in federal consumer protection was leading to deaths from products even after they are recalled. Because manufacturers do not have to keep records of who has bought their products, consumers cannot be notified directly about product recalls. Manufacturers instead must rely on advertising campaigns and the news media. As a result, dangerous products may remain in many homes. Ms. Brown said Congress should force the commission to address the problem. 

As a libertarian this article has some scary ideas in it. Ms. Brown wants to force someone to keep track of everything that is bought by each consumer. This sounds like scary big brother stuff to me.

More outrages are in today’s National Briefing section of the New York Times. Quote:


Environmental groups have filed suit against the federal government to halt overfishing of sharks as demand grows worldwide for delicacies like shark fillet and shark-fin soup. In a lawsuit filed in Federal District Court in Tampa, the National Audubon Society, Earthjustice and the Ocean Conservancy said the National Marine Fisheries Service had failed to prevent overfishing and to rebuild coastal shark populations.

Maybe these environmentalist don’t remember that this summer there were a number of shark attacks on American citizens. Now if a number of sharks have had to die in the war on terrorism that is too bad.

Thursday, January 31st, 2002

-Larry Elder is hosting “The Point” (without Greta Van Sustern). He interviewed Sharpton tonight and started out by saying “The others thank you for joining me.” Larry Elder does not seem happy reading the CNN script.

– Camp X-Ray must not be that bad or else prisoners in Afghanistan would not be begging to be sent there.

The New York Times has an article calling for busing based on race. The New York Times is still looking at things in an old paradigm. They do not suggest we do busing based on any sort of direct economic system. The suggestion is good old racial busing. Maybe I am not sophisticated enough to understand why we need this. I just grew up thinking we were supposed to look at what’s on the inside of someone. I think it is pretty racist of the New York Times to think that all black people need to be “helped” by being sent to “white” schools.

Wednesday, January 30th, 2002

Matt Welch quotes a great letter from a longtime Democrat on the protests in NYC.

So the anti-everything protesters are set to play in the Big Apple tomorrow as Bono and other world and business leaders meet at the Waldorf. I am sure you will end up blogging something about the events, especially if there is any sort of riot. So, since you cannot be here to enjoy all the fun, let me tell you the general opinion and feeling from most tired, stressed, battered, grieving New Yorkers I have spoken with: We don’t want protesters. The bigwigs paying 25 grand a pop to gather here are more than welcome. We need their money. But the over-fed, white-boy, black-wearing trouble makers protesting instead of working, well, they can stay home. We have been through more than enough during the last four months. I have heard predictions that average New Yorkers will beat the shit out of the protesters if the boyz in black even get the slightest bit out of line. Never mind how the NYPD is feeling. Baton Rogue!

Wednesday, January 30th, 2002

I have just added a permanent link to Jeff Jarvis’ and Den Beste’s sites they are worth checking out.

Wednesday, January 30th, 2002

Jeff Jarvis reports that on his way to work in NYC he saw a cop at every Starbucks. That seems to be a smart thing because the anarchists are not even using rhetoric against violence.

Wednesday, January 30th, 2002

Bin Laden is not just a terrorist, but he is also a racist!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2002

Ignore the last post.

Sorry I have been messing up in my script today. The problem Bush had when he choked on the Pretzel is because he has a problem with fainting.

Aschroft wants the nude statues covered up. The only solution for the government to avoid getting in problems like this is simple: Don’t build statues. If they just stick to national defense, these problems won’t occur.

Tuesday, January 29th, 2002

The Antarctic ice sheet is getting thicker. Are the environmentalists going to tell us to freak out about the coming ice age? I hope not, but it seems likely with evidence like this.

Tuesday, January 29th, 2002

The orange jump suits given to the prisoners in Camp X-Ray could be a PR move. Think about it, the average American sees them in orange jump suits and the idea of them being prisoners of war seems ridiculous because they appear like average Americans.