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Thursday, November 21st, 2002

Drunk Fans

Apparently more than one person reads this site. How do I know more than one person reads this site? I just got a call from a bunch of drunk students who go to Roanoke College me. When they called they asked me to say “goodmorning Seattle.” I did. Even thoughy I don’t know why it would be any more morning in Seattle than it is in Virginia. I know not to argue with drunk people. For those who are asking, yes, I am sober and am usually sober at 3:30AM on Wednesdays.

I find it kind of cool though that people could find me through technology. I have no idea how they found my site. I do know that they figured out, eventually, that my screenname and the name of my email address matched. They were able to make the connection and find my phone number on my profile. Kind of cool really.

Hey guys if you are ever plan on calling again try and do it at reasonable hours say before 2AM or After 8:30AM. I think I’m going to sleep soon. I hope this is not too incoherent a post. (That would describe all my posts.)

Wednesday, November 20th, 2002

I Want My Candy!
“They got a war on drugs so the police can bother me.” – Tupac
The Drug Czar remarked on Washington Journal that the $23 Billion spent on the war on drugs is not that large an amount of money if you realize that the nation spends $19 Billion on candy. So let’s get this straight I could get a war on drugs or my fair share of free candy. I’d take the free candy any day.

Monday, November 18th, 2002

Henry Payne writes in National Review what we can learn about the failures of urban planning from 8 Mile. Quote:

And so we have 8 Mile. It is sober reminder that at the dawn of the 21st century, America’s greatest challenge is not to be more civil to those among us who “look different.” Legally, minorities have achieved the means to fight injustice in this country. Today, much greater injustices are being perpetuated by government policies that are depriving inner-city children of the hope to grow up in stable families and communities.

Monday, November 18th, 2002 is reporting that police are planing on arresting Curtis Scoon any day now. It is reported that police have DNA evidence linking Curtis Scoon to the scene of the crime. Jam Master Jay may have owed Scoon as much as $10,000. JMJ claimed he did not owe the money and was then shot over the $10,000. A sad story of peacefull man being shot over nothing.

Friday, November 15th, 2002

David Carr is optimistic of the chances of Chinese society moving closer to a free society. I hope he’s right.

Friday, November 15th, 2002

Looks like Suge Knight is going back to jail.

Thursday, November 14th, 2002

Jesse Ventura On TV

Jesse Ventura is currently in negotiations to do a news talk-show on one of the major cable networks, probably MSNBC. Ventura would be a hell of a lot better than Matthews or O’Reilly is now.

Thursday, November 14th, 2002

BlogCritics has an interview up that was done with Jam Master Jay six weeks before his tragic death.

UPDATE: Jam Master Jay was a peacefull man. RUN-DMC made peacefull music. I don’t understand how one could come to any other conclusion. JMJ never bragged about his possesions or pretended to be any type of “gangsta” thug. To think otherwise is to not know anything about Jam Mater Jay.

Wednesday, November 13th, 2002

Greg Beato has an essay on Eminem’s recent album.

(Link via Matt Welch)

Tuesday, November 12th, 2002

Conservatives Can Joke About Foreign Countries but Rappers Better Not Mention Violence
Some conservatives are awfully hawkish; maybe even a little too irrationaly hawkish. First, Ann Coulter proposed bombing France after Afghanistan. Now, Johan Goldberg has suggested bombing Canada. Why does he want to bomb Canada? Because they are made up of too many pacifists. Canadians have correctly criticized him for making such a ridiculous statement. Conservatives will just brush this off as a humurous joke. Maybe it is and I just don’t get it. I just hope conservatives realize what has been said in the past by fellow conservatives before they criticize rappers like Eminem for violent lyrics although he doesn’t intend to do whunat he talks about just like Jonah Goldberg didn’t really want to blow up a building in Canada. Just as Jonah’s suggestions were his way of dealing with problems Canada may have; Eminem dealt with the problems with his mom and wife by talking about killing them. Do I advocate violence in music? No. Do I advocate bombing industrialized countries like Canada or France? No. I just don’t like people having a double standard.