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Saturday, February 8th, 2003

New York is in a blistering snow storm with an increased terror warning while I am in St. Barth’s chilling on the beach. Well sort of. I’m out of college for a while; maybe forever. I have come down here to work on a farm with a friend of mine who is a local here. The work mainly consits of taking care of chickens; feeding them, building chicken coops and slaughtering the chickens.

Killing chickens is a bloody bussiness especially after you have just seen and heard them for a good long time. So far I have participated in the slaughter of 12 chickens. Killing anything does not get easier with time. From killing the chickens though one begins to appreciate the meat that one eats at the dinner table. I guess it addresses Marx’s famous “alienation of labor” concept. If people were just able to do every job in the world there might not be any alienation of labor.

Kids stay in school. Things could seriously suck otherwise.

Marijuana is a gateway drug. Marijuana leads to cigarettes. All of my high school classmates who smoke ciggarettes only started after they started smoking pot.

Blogging will not return to full force for a few months but I promise I will return with a vengence.

I hate how in life you don’t realize how good something is until it’s gone.