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Supreme Court Detainee Ruling Affirms Badnarik

Wednesday, June 30th, 2004


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Supreme Court Detainee Ruling Affirms Badnarik on Civil Rights

June 29, 2004 — San Francisco — Recent Supreme Court rulings on “unlawful combatants” reaffirmed that wherever the US Government or its military goes, the Constitution goes too.

“This is exactly what we’ve been saying all along,” observed Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian candidate for US President. “In fact, my staff and I made exactly this point to several San Francisco leaders, and members of the American Muslim Task Force on Saturday.” Badnarik’s passion for the Constitution drove him to seek and win the Libertarian Party’s nomination, and he expects to be on the ballot in all 50 states.

“We’re looking at the presidential candidates in hopes that there’s one who will protect our rights,” explained Maad Abu-Ghazalah, Palestinian-born Executive Director of the American Muslim Task Force for Civil Rights and Elections. The Task Force is an umbrella organization of the nation’s largest Muslim organizations, formed to develop a unified strategy for Muslim Americans in the 2004 elections. Abu-Ghazalah and other San Francisco Muslim leaders met with Badnarik to discuss the Libertarian candidate’s position on national civil rights issues. The Muslim leaders noted that the protection of civil rights is their primary concern in the election.

In the case of American citizen Yaser Esam Hamdi, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor noted that the court has “made clear that a state of war is not a blank check for the President when it comes to the rights of the nation’s citizens.” Hamdi’s case concerned the rights of detainees caught up in the so-called “war on terrorism”. The government argued that American citizens it designated as “enemy combatants” lost their civil rights by making war against the nation.

In the case of about 600 foreign-born men held indefinitely in a U.S. Navy prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the high court ruled that the Constitution’s provision of the right to Habeas Corpus still operates. Challenges brought using the right of Habeas Corpus require the government to prove its reasons for a detention are valid. Despite Supreme Court precedents to the contrary, the government had argued that non-citizens are not protected by the US Constitution.

“Government’s only valid function is to protect your property and

rights,” Badnarik asserted. “The Bush administration’s frightening assault on civil rights, and John Kerry’s ‘me-too’ support of the repugnant Patriot Act prove that they are both determined to seize your rights. No concerned American should vote for either of them. Vote Libertarian and vote to keep your freedom!”

Badnarik was in San Francisco attending the city’s Gay Pride festival, and several successful fundraising events. He was the only presidential candidate to attend Gay Pride, and is now in Indiana to announce the Libertarian Party’s candidate for that state’s Lt. Governor.

Michael Badnarik is the Libertarian Party nominee for President and will appear on more Americans’ ballots than any other third party candidate.



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Maad Abu-Ghazalah

Exec Director, American Muslim Task Force for Civil Rights and


Phone: 650-355-4110



Wednesday, June 30th, 2004

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New York City Council Candidate – D4



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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004

“Why does MTV insist on pushing young people to vote? Can’t they stick to celebrating the sad, pathetic, meaningless lives of America’s youth through various ‘reality’ TV shows and Spring Break specials? Their ‘Choose or Lose’ campaign just cracks me up. The real net loss to society will come if regular viewers of any MTV show–The Real World, Road Rules, Nick & Jessica’s attempt to make money off their no-talent personalities, PUNK’D–actually go out and vote! Why would we want these losers squeezing into a voting booth?”

Hip Hop and Legal Scholarship

Tuesday, June 29th, 2004

Greg Goelzhauser has a post on hip-hop and legal scholarship.

Sasha Frere-Jones in New Yorker

Monday, June 28th, 2004

The New Yorker has a well written piece on current hip-hop hits by Sasha Frere-Jones. My favorite part is when Sasha writes about the Mario Winans hit:

“Mario Winans is on the charts now as an R. & B. singer, but he has been a member of Sean Combs’s team of record producers, known as the Hitmen, for several years, creating beats for rappers and songs for R. & B. singers. If Combs and the Hitmen have one undisputed skill, it is finding good songs to sample, including songs that have been sampled before. Winans’s current hit single, “I Don’t Wanna Know,” featuring Enya & P. Diddy (Bad Boy), is no exception. The primary melody here is provided by a sample from Enya’s “Boadicea” that might sound familiar, having been featured in the Fugees’ 1996 single “Ready or Not.” (The album it appeared on, “The Score,” was one of the biggest-selling hip-hop albums of all time.) The Fugees used the excerpt without permission, and were reportedly compelled to give all the song’s earnings to Enya when her manager, Nicky Ryan, decided to “punish” them. This year, for “I Don’t Wanna Know,” P. Diddy called Ryan, and was granted permission for the sample in return for giving Enya sixty per cent of the profits and name billing. The sample is a gorgeous figure—Enya hums twelve notes over a loping keyboard bass line, lost in echo. In 1996, I liked the sample in the Fugees song so much that I bought the original, only to find that twelve notes is the perfect dose of Enya. To make the sample work this time around, Winans simply has to stay out of the way, which he does by pleading, feebly, for his lover to keep her indiscretions to herself. (Diddy provides a rap that will not distract anyone unduly.) This is one of those moments when pop can be simultaneously conservative and radical. Diddy and Winans have used a hit to make a slightly lesser hit, which is as conservative as it gets, while radically reinforcing the impression that another artist’s entire contribution to pop music can be reduced to several seconds.”

CIA Puts Harsh Tactics On Hold (

Sunday, June 27th, 2004

CIA Puts Harsh Tactics On Hold QUOTE:

The CIA has suspended the use of extraordinary interrogation techniques approved by the White House pending a review by Justice Department and other administration lawyers, intelligence officials said.

The “enhanced interrogation techniques,” as the CIA calls them, include feigned drowning and refusal of pain medication for injuries. The tactics have been used to elicit intelligence from al Qaeda leaders such as Abu Zubaida and Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

Current and former CIA officers aware of the recent decision said the suspension reflects the CIA’s fears of being accused of unsanctioned and illegal activities, as it was in the 1970s. The decision applies to CIA detention facilities, such as those around the world where the agency is interrogating al Qaeda leaders and their supporters, but not military prisons at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and elsewhere.

Green party Snubs Ralph Nader

Sunday, June 27th, 2004

Green party snubs Ralph Nader – (United Press International) QUOTE:

MILWAUKEE, WI, Jun. 27 (UPI) — The Green Party of the United States snubbed Ralph Nader during the weekend, nominating longtime party activist David Cobb at its convention in Milwaukee.

The New York Times reported Sunday that although Nader did not seek the Green Party’s presidential nomination, he asked the party not issue any nomination and then endorse his candidacy

Egypt Gives Arafat Deadline To Reform

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004

Reuters reports Arafat told to reform by Egyptians.

You’re not Dave Chappelle, and you’re not funny.

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004

You’re not Dave Chappelle, and you’re not funny. It may be funny when Lil’ Jon screams “What,” “Yeah” and “Okay.” Dave Chappele’s imitation of Lil’ Jon is even funny. It may be even appropriate to do the impersonation among friends but please do not do it in public.

U.S. Commerce Department Imposes Anti-Dumping Laws on Bedroom Furniture

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004

The U.S. Commerce Department imposes tariffs on Chinese bedroom furniture. The Commerce Department’s justification is that the Chinese were illegally dumping bedroom furniture on the American market at too low a price. Yes, the government is upset because American companies are paying too low a price for furniture. The complaint has come from 4 companies Hooker Furniture, La-Z-Boy, Bassett Furniture, and Stanley Furniture. This was done aginst the wishes of a large number of retailers including Neiman Marcus, Dillard’s, Berkshire Hathaway’s, Nebraska Furniture Mart, J.C. Penny and Crate & Barrel.

The furniture retailers of America do not believe that a duty of any size is justified and will only hurt retailers, retail workers and consumers. Duties are just another tax that could raise prices and limit the choices for millions of people …,” said Mike Veitenheimer, vice president of the Bombay Company and a spokesman for the Furniture Retailers of America, an industry group. According to CNN, furniture prices are expected to rise. In an effort to save some American bedroom furniture production jobs, the Commerce Department has decided to put local retail jobs at risk, raise the price of bedroom furniture for the average consumer and strain trade relations with China. I’m starting to understand why one of my conservative-libertarian friends is thinking about voting for Kerry.