Eminem Sick Of Being Famous

Eminem tells Ireland Online that he is sick of being famous:

“I would take it back to where I made a comfortable living. I would just make music, have people appreciate it, even if it’s a few people that like it, and be able to walk to a mall, walk to a store.”

Celebrities make statements like this but don’t really mean what they are saying. Eminem complains about fame and then puts outs a new album at the same time. Releasing a major record with two music videos is not exactly a way to avoid the limelight.

10 Responses to “Eminem Sick Of Being Famous”

  1. Cindy says:


  2. Noelle says:

    I just want to fuck him, I am in love with his ass

  3. Meghan says:

    He is So AMAZING. I would LOVE to meet him. But I never will. I have NO money. Lol.

  4. VaultFM says:

    does anyone else think this stuff is too strong i understand the style but damn

  5. eminem is one of the best rapper in town, i like his style of rapping.~`-

  6. Joel Owen says:

    Eminem is the best rapper, i have a collection of his live concerts and cds*`-

  7. Eminem is a good rap artist eventhough his personal life is a bit complicated’,,

  8. Shower Caddy says:

    Eminem makes the best rap songs that i have ever heard, i like Eminem as well as 50 Cent when it comes to rap songs ‘”.

  9. Tommy Lambes says:

    Stan is also a warning for each fan and listener not to misinterpret Eminem’s words and this song really proves Eminem doesn’t want his words to be taken litterally.For those who still think he’s a violent mysogynist, remember who ties his girlfriend up : it is Stan ,not Eminem. Eminem tells Stan to treat his girfriend better. I really think you and you girlfriend need each other/Or maybe you just need to treat her better).-

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  10. brock day says:

    his new song rap god is badass I want to meet him so bad and just chill and talk to him

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