POLITICWIKI: Build a Political Platform from Scratch

I received an email asking me to post the following information:

Researchers in Indiana are currently examining the effectiveness of a wiki in
helping multiple authors create a political platform. A “wiki” is an internet
site that allows multiple authors to edit pages through the web. Although more
than a decade old, wiki forums have only recently started to be used widespread
for collaboration projects.

Participants in this six-month study, offered by Indiana University in
cooperation with 3rdparty.org, are asked to create a new political party
platform from scratch. The findings could help improve and innovate political
forums in the future. If interested in participating in this experiment, please
go to the following web site URL:


If you have questions at any time about the study or the procedures, you may
contact the researcher, Kevin Makice, by sending email to kmakice@indiana.edu.

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  1. Mark Rauterkus says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Let’s talk.

    I’ve got a wiki — Platform.For-Pgh.org

    It is in a re-tooling stages.

    But, there are things that should be done to make the wiki more ideal
    for political platform building.

    Are you intersted?

    We need a way to have 3 pages:

    1. general wiki page (already there)
    2. discussion page (already there)
    3. PLANK Page (not yet available)

    So, we need a 3rd page type. Those pages would be “LOCKED down” for
    security (no spam, no spoofing). The other pages would be regular open
    wiki pages.

    With my approach — I want a regional / city-wide wiki. So, I’d love
    to be able to have other candidate platforms nested within the greater
    platform. That puts a 4th syle of page into the mix. Candidate X, or
    Y, or Z said 1,2,3. Those too need to be non-edited pages for
    historical significance.

    Furthermore, we need a lot of ways to navigate. These are most
    important to ‘draw-in visitors / voters / media and most of all the
    SUPPORTERS. Wikis are more about building supporters than about
    winning votes. And, Wikis are MOST about thinking again on these ideas
    as a candidate. We need good thoughtful candidates.

    So I’m needing HUB pages of all types.

    Taxes hub
    Technology hub
    Senior hub
    Kids hub
    Ecology Hub

    I think that most of the hub pages can be pre-set and apply to most
    platforms in a more universal way.


    Mark Rauterkus Mark@Rauterkus.com
    http://Rauterkus.com http://Platform.For-Pgh.org
    412 298 3432 = cell

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