Canibus Speaks On His Time As A Soldier

In a recent interview with, Canibus spoke about his recent time as a soldier: You were also in the Army a year or so ago. Can you talk about that whole experience, and what happened as far as you leaving?

Canibus: I enlisted in Dec ’01 for 24 months. This is neither the venue nor the time to discuss that experience. I will always love the Troops for their sacrifice. They happen to be the most committed, selfless people I have met in my life and I feel like some of that has rubbed off on me. My 1st SGT told me once, “Follow your orders but don’t believe them.” What was your reasoning behind joining the army?

Canibus: There are three reasons. One, I was thru with rap music and sought to define my relevance another way. Secondly, I wanted to be a part of something meaningful in defense of life, justice, and freedom. Lastly, to help prepare for what is to come. I hve always felt that Generation X will be followed by Y and Z. After that? Def Con Zero. Would you say the Army has a noticable effect on any new music you record now?

Canibus: Of course. I was augmented in ways that will mirror itself through the music, just as the reality of what we will face in due time, as a nation will change the hearts and minds of Americans. Are you a supporter of a particular political party or ideology?

Canibus: There are only two ideologies in life as we do or do not know. We explore one in this life and the other after death. Everything else in between are semantics. We are animals of the earth. Do you support the war in Iraq?

Canibus: I support the Troops. The real decisions are theirs to make, as well as the consequences to bear. American Soldiers deal with a great deal of responsibility. The world will speak of this war for decades, maybe centuries to come. They deserve more, but they deserve it now! How do you respond to the comment that, “A Black man has no place in the army?”

Canibus: Foolishness. Our fight is not about race. It is a race itself. My TC (tank commander) was Puerto Rican. My Section SGT was Irish American. My LT was Mandarin. My 1st SGT was like John Wayne, and my CMD SGT MJR was Black. This is a mixed world.

3 Responses to “Canibus Speaks On His Time As A Soldier”

  1. The Humanity Critic says:

    I didn’t even know he was in the service, cool piece.

  2. Aakash says:

    I have been somewhat out-of-the-loop, Blogosphere-wise, during the past several months (as well as at points before that), due to work, class, and in large part, CRs. I remember being at this blog in past years; it has a different design now, but I am glad that this site is still up, with the same url, and with all archives intact.

    I do not recognize this artist… I guess that, being also a music-based weblog (in addition to politics), this story is the right one to tie those issues together.

  3. Toni Trammal says:

    I didn’t have a clue either, that He had ben enlisted. He seems to have learned a lot from his experience.

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