Pelosi Complains About Prescription-Drug Bill

Today Nancy Pelosi tried to get a resolution to pass the House that basically accused the Republicans of passing a bad Medicare prescription-drug bill because they are corrupt. The resolution was voted down on party lines.

In a press release Pelosi said:

“Across the country, seniors are trying to navigate the complicated and confusing Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit; it is complicated and confusing because it was written to meet the needs of drug companies and private insurers, not the needs of Medicare beneficiaries.

“Today Democrats tried to hold Republicans responsible for the culture of corruption and cronyism that led to this sham of a bill. Instead, Republicans have rejected calls to give beneficiaries an additional six months to choose a plan, and remove the prohibition so the government can negotiate for lower prices. Democrats believe that our seniors deserve better, that is why we are going to keep working for a real Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit.”

The passage of the Medicare prescription-drug plan had more to do with the White House lying about the cost of the plan than Republican corruption in Congress. Republicans in Congress desiring to rid the Democrats of the prescription-drug issue as one to be used in future Congressional campaigns. Corruption in Congress had very little to do with the passage of the bill and why it is confusing.

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