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Will the Creation of The Road To Serfdom Be Privatized or Unionized?

Monday, April 17th, 2006

I’ve been reading a lot of Hayek recently for my American Political Theory class. The great fear in Hayek’s The Road To Serfdom is that mischosen governmental policies will eventually lead to a socialist or totalitarian state. If this ever happened in America, I could imagine the debate in Congress coming down to the running of the concentration camps with Republicans arguing for privately run concentration camps and Democrats insisting that the worker be unionized.

Increased Number of Mexican Children Crossing Into U.S.

Sunday, April 16th, 2006

Mexican authorities are estimating that a record number of Mexican children are streaming across the United States border. This has been determined by the fact that juveniles are brought by the Border Patrol into the hands of Mexico’s Interior Department. A possibility exists that the increase number of Mexican children in to the United States may be due to an increase in Border Patrol agencies.

The AP article mentioning this insinuates that this may be because of the pseudo-amnesty provision being debated in the Senate but it is just as likely increased numbers of illegal immigrants are trying to enter before increased enforcement measures are passed.

From The AP:

EXICO CITY (AP) — The number of children deported from Arizona after U.S. agents caught them crossing the border illegally or found them in the desert more than doubled in the first three months of 2006, Mexico’s Interior Department said on Friday.

Most deportees are simply released by U.S. authorities at border crossings, but children are handed over directly to Mexico’s child-welfare agency, giving Mexican authorities a much more precise count.

From January through March, Mexican authorities took charge of 3,289 deported minors at border crossings in the state of Sonora, across from Arizona, more than double the 1,566 deported in the same period of 2005.

The Interior Department statement did not give a reason for the increase in deportations of the children – who ranged in age from a few months to 17 – many of whom were found crossing on foot, alone or in the company of non-relatives.