Guns For The Whole Town

A proposed resolution in Greenfield, Idaho “that would recommend every head of household own a gun and ammunition and be trained to use them.” Greenfield town mayor Brad Holston believes the law will lead to a decrease in crime. Holston also remarks that many of the citizens are already armed but that this would just provide training. This would be the ultimate case of deterrence with all heads of households armed.

As a libertarian I do not believe that the government should be directing the citizens behavior. Encouraging armament is certainly determining the behaviour. I also do not see why this has to be done through the government; the mayor could start an NRA chapter and privately run firearms training without making any gun haters pay for it.

Update: Corrected for Typo.

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  1. Stephen VanDyke says:

    It’s not mandatory, so I think this is balanced from a libertarian perspective.

    It’s in Idaho though, not Ohio… I was actually about to ready a press release on this for Bill Peirce to laud it. dang :)

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