New York Rap is Regional Rap

In a misguided post about Producer Hi-Tek, Tom Breihan writes that New York rap is regional rap:

Here’s something I don’t see changing anytime soon: New York is just another rap region these days. It’s obviously the region with the richest history by an insane margin, and even in its current slump it’s still a whole lot more fertile than most cities. It’s got two of rap’s biggest stars in Jay-Z and 50 Cent, and it’s got one of the two best rap albums of this year in Ghostface’s Fishscale, but it’s certainly no more relevant to today’s rap landscape than Atlanta these days. Many of the city’s best rappers can’t seem to get their albums out, and others are working below their level. Nobody seems able to make an actual hit..

Mainstream sales of rap music have fallen recently. This is due in part to rap producers producing pop music. But the growth of niche hip-hop markets has also contributed to the lack of few albums reaching market saturation. New York is a regional market. Mobb Deep have regional appeal and would have had more success on their last album if they had used G Unit beats with no local to New York appeal.

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