Save The World!

Save some electricity. has a list of ways to save electricity in your home. Saving electricity is good for the environment. If you are one of those jerks who doesn’t care about the environment, saving electricity in your home will save you money. Anyway here are his suggestions:

Among the things you can do to impress our judges, and lower your electricity use (and electricity bill in the process):

  • Add insulation to your home — the US Department of Energy recommends an R-value of at least R-22 in the attic.
  • Replace traditional incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents or (if you can afford them) LEDs.
  • Turn down the heat — a one-degree (Fahrenheit) reduction on the thermostat will save you about 3 percent on your heating bill, according to the Alliance to Save Energy.
  • Stop heating/cooling the outdoors — while you may not be able to afford new windows or doors right now, some rope caulk, weather stripping, and a little elbow grease can help keep that heated/cooled air inside where it belongs.
  • Ceiling fans can make more efficient use of cooled and heated air — according to Home Depot, they can save you 40% in the summer, and 10% in the winter.
  • Identify the users of vampire power in your home — and then drive a stake through their heart!

We’re just scratching the surface of the many simple (and filmable) actions you can take. For more, check out some of our guides, or Consumer Report’s new The Complete Guide to Reducing Energy Costs. Upload your video at

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