Money Alone Will Not Fix Political Problems (At least in Kansas City)

Blogger HipCritic argues that money alone will not solve the problems of Kansas City, Missouri.

Here is HipCritic’s views on drugwar funding by the County Legislature:

I mostly honed in on the Anti-Drug Committe because they seemed to take up the most amount of time and without a doubt, the most amount of financial resources. If money could solve drug problems and the peripheral trash it generates in Kansas City we would have no problems. We spend TONS (READ: hella) money on Anti-Drug Programs in the form of DART grants, Victim Services, Gun Violence money, Blue Springs Drug Abatement Program, Incarcerated Parents Program, Chance for Change Program, Della Lamb Money, Childrens Mercy “crack babies program”($93,000 matching funds, although originally started at $50,000 although because of inflation it has requested more without voting on it and receives it every year) money, Genesis School Grant, Drug Court monies, Truancy Project, and what I’ll call faith-based Reverend Williams Money for Hickman Mills School District. All of these committees gave a preview of what was to come in the actual legislative session, which I’ll tackle next.

Link via Tony’s Kansas City

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