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MSM for John McCain

Friday, December 28th, 2007

John McCain has a new ad titled “Endorse” featuring all the nice things newspapers around New Hampshire have said about him. It is true John McCain is very popular with the media if you care about that kind of thing.

Ron Paul’s Increasing Production Values In Commercials

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Ron Paul’s campaign has come a long way. Recent commercials for Ron Paul appear to have much higher production values.

His newest campaign commercial looks like it could have come from any Presidential candidate, except for the libertarian positions he espouses. The ad features an announcer describing Ron Paul’s bio and conservative/libertarian positions that Ron Paul has taken over the years. It features what all serious Presidential Campaign ads should include positions, pictures of family members and of course the American flag.

These ads sure have come a long way from Ron Paul’s February 19, 2007 video announcing he was forming an exploratory committee which appeared as if it was filmed for Public Access television.

Oprah and Obama

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Oprah Winfrey has recently begun campaigning for Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.

Oprah has brought an incredible stage presence and energy to campaign events for Barack Obama in South Carolina, Iowa and elsewhere. Celebrities add a high level of energy to campaign events that are not usually seen in political events.

The problem for Barack Obama may be that Oprah Winfrey may be outshining Barack Obama with her celebrity persona. Oprah may add coverage to Obama’s campaign but the coverage may be not providing pure Obama coverage.


Monday, December 10th, 2007

Dillagence is a new mixtape by Busta Rhymes and the late producer J. Dilla. Mick Boogie is the DJ with his name on the mixtape although it appears that it was probably put together by DJ Spinna.

The mixtape features Busta Rhymes et al. rapping over beats well known beats by J. Dilla. Some of the beats I recognize from having heard off of Common’s Finding Forever, Dilla’s The Shining and some of the beats I don’t recognize. It is an enjoyable mixtape if you are a fan of Jay Dee’s production but not something I am likely to pull out of my music collection too far into the future.

Dillagence is a free mixtape that can be downloaded off of the internet.

Republicans Debate In Spanish

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Another Republican debate was held last night but my Spanish is not good enough to understand what hat happened.

Last night’s Presidential Republican debate was aired on Univision. The questions and answers were in English with a Spanish translator making sure most Americans could not understand what the candidates were saying. I understand the point of having a debate for a Spanish audience in Spanish but I think an English feed should have been available to the public through C-SPAN or even the internet.

John Edwards Argues For More Lobbyists

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

John Edwards has a new ad arguing that we need to take power away from the drug companies. The only way John Edwards has proposed to take away power from the drug companies and the insurance companies is through his proposed costly national health care plan.

National health insurance might provide a better negotiating platform for negotiating with the insurance companies but it would also reduce the incentives for insurance companies to create new drugs.

Nationalizing health care will increase the involvement of lobbyists in the health industry. Decisions on which technologies are used in medical establishments will be made through Congress and the federal bureaucracy in much of the same manner as such decisions are made for Medicare in order to control costs.

Don’t Superman Dat Ho

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 posts an article titled Soulja Boy Debunks “Superman Dat Ho” Rumors. I was hoping Soulja Boy was going to argue that “Crank Dat” which suggests “superman that ho is not about performing a sexual act on women but is instead about sending poor kids to college or something no such luck.

In Soulja Boy’s debunking that “Superman Dat” contains references to performing a sexual act his main complaint seems to be that writings referring to the sexual content of the song are well written and not misspelled.

“‘Superman,’ ‘Crank That’ [is] old. You can tell whoever wrote that was intending to stop my shine. The way they wrote words…it was professionally typed. Ain’t nobody doing nothing like that. At the end of the day, they just came too late with the rumor.”

According to superman dat ho is when

“a male ejaculates on a blanket and sticks it on a female’s back, creating a cape like superman.”


Politics Is About Persuasion

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Politics is about persuasion. Winning a campaign for political office depends on convincing the most people of your position.

Fred Thompson and Tom Tancredo both have ads on immigration policy arguing for border enforcement and closing the borders. Within those two goals a number of policy options are available but policy specifics can hardly be discussed in a 30 second ad.

Tom Tancredo’s ad features a hooded figure who leaves a back pack bomb in a public area. The ad features commentary suggesting that the illegal immigration problem in the United States will lead to international terrorism such as has been seen in London, Madrid and Russia. There are reasonable arguments that can be made against illegal immigration, connecting illegal immigration with terrorism is not an argument that can be made in good faith.

In comparison to Tom Tancredo’s ad, Fred Thompson’s ad calling for tougher borders seems more reasonable in comparison. Fred Thompson is pictured speaking straight to the camera with his sleeves rolled up at a diner saying why we need to secure the borders.

Thompson’s reassuring and tough persona is preferable to Tancredo’s ad relying on fear.

Did Rza invent final scratch technology?

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Rza recently claimed in an interview with that he invented Final Scratch technology.

Final scratch technology is technology that allows digital files to be manipulated through a turntable attached to a laptop. Final scratch technology allows a DJ to no longer be limited by the quantity of records he can physically bring when DJing. Some DJs still argue for the purity of using records mostly in the name of tradition. Final scratch technology has been a major technological advance in recent time in the manipulation of audio.

I agree with Jay Smooth who recently argued that Rza probably is not crazy in claiming he invented Final Scratch technology. Rza’s claim to having invented the technology is that in the 1990s Rza invested over $2 million in the technology including obtaining worldwide patents. Rza did not solely invent the technology but his contribution did significantly contribute to the technology in some ways this reminds me of Al Gore taking credit for pushing the internet technology foward.

Reality TV: A New Income Stream For The Music Industry

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Album sales continue to sink thanks to file sharing and the rebirth of a singles market thanks to file sharing and the development of a market for singles thanks to the iPod.

Musical artists have had to turn to new markets a celebrities to remain profitable. Madonna has signed a contract which concentrates on her ability to keep touring. The record industry has been profitable pushing ringtones and is now trying to sell ringles, a couple of songs sold with a ringtone. Endorsements have becoming increasingly important for musicians and celebrities.

Reality television is quickly becoming another venue for artists to seek income To quote a recent LA Times article:

Still, executive producer Cris Abrego, who helped create “Gotti’s Way” as well as other music-flavored reality shows such as “Flavor of Love” with Flavor Flav, said the trend marks a new order for the music industry.

“The music industry is quickly changing, and not for the better,” he said. “Artists are looking for other ways to get exposure.”

They’re also seeking longevity, said Bill Adler, a media consultant who was publicity director for rap-pioneering Def Jam Records from 1984 through 1990. “Hip-hop is mostly for young folks, and now the question for the ones who paved the way is, ‘How do you create a second act?’ As far as these artists go, they’ve always been multidimensional to the core audience.”