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50 Cent Is Back

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

50 Cent is back. Until the released of the new song and video for “I Get Money” it seemed if 50 Cent’s reign at the top would soon end.

Just as 50 Cent’s acting career has taken off, his career as a music businessman appeared to be slipping.

50 Cent changed the name of his new album from Before I Self Destruct to Curtis. After setting on a name 50′s new album has been delayed in release several times this year including past the peak summer record sales season. Previously leaked/released songs “Amusement Parks” and “Straight To The Bank” set to be on the new album seemed to be of a much lower quality for an early single than from other 50 Cent releases. The failure of Lloyd Bank’s “Rotten Apple” can be viewed as a sign of the partial downfall of the once great G Unit empire.

This seems to have changed with the release of “I Got Money” in song and now in video form by 50 Cent. This song has everything a rap song needs: Electronic sounds, samples of a recent hit, samples of an old school classic, bass and treble heavy production and a fake ass gangsta talking about his wealth. Finally a summer rap hit other than the remix of “Umbrella.” I’ll take my Audio Two anyway I can get it, even if it is from 50 Cent.

Taxing Porn

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

California Assemblymen Charles Calderon wants to tax porn in order to raise revenue for the state. Calderon doesn’t have a problem with porn but is interested solely in the possibility of revenue for the state.

Calderon and other politicians embrace sin taxes because they realize they can get away with sin taxes with little opposition; this is true whether the sin tax is related to porn, cigarettes, or alcohol. Legislators view sin taxes as appealing because the majority of taxpayers will remain silent on taxes that tax a minority for purchasing potentially harmful products.