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Don’t Superman Dat Ho

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 posts an article titled Soulja Boy Debunks “Superman Dat Ho” Rumors. I was hoping Soulja Boy was going to argue that “Crank Dat” which suggests “superman that ho is not about performing a sexual act on women but is instead about sending poor kids to college or something no such luck.

In Soulja Boy’s debunking that “Superman Dat” contains references to performing a sexual act his main complaint seems to be that writings referring to the sexual content of the song are well written and not misspelled.

“‘Superman,’ ‘Crank That’ [is] old. You can tell whoever wrote that was intending to stop my shine. The way they wrote words…it was professionally typed. Ain’t nobody doing nothing like that. At the end of the day, they just came too late with the rumor.”

According to superman dat ho is when

“a male ejaculates on a blanket and sticks it on a female’s back, creating a cape like superman.”


Politics Is About Persuasion

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Politics is about persuasion. Winning a campaign for political office depends on convincing the most people of your position.

Fred Thompson and Tom Tancredo both have ads on immigration policy arguing for border enforcement and closing the borders. Within those two goals a number of policy options are available but policy specifics can hardly be discussed in a 30 second ad.

Tom Tancredo’s ad features a hooded figure who leaves a back pack bomb in a public area. The ad features commentary suggesting that the illegal immigration problem in the United States will lead to international terrorism such as has been seen in London, Madrid and Russia. There are reasonable arguments that can be made against illegal immigration, connecting illegal immigration with terrorism is not an argument that can be made in good faith.

In comparison to Tom Tancredo’s ad, Fred Thompson’s ad calling for tougher borders seems more reasonable in comparison. Fred Thompson is pictured speaking straight to the camera with his sleeves rolled up at a diner saying why we need to secure the borders.

Thompson’s reassuring and tough persona is preferable to Tancredo’s ad relying on fear.

Did Rza invent final scratch technology?

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Rza recently claimed in an interview with that he invented Final Scratch technology.

Final scratch technology is technology that allows digital files to be manipulated through a turntable attached to a laptop. Final scratch technology allows a DJ to no longer be limited by the quantity of records he can physically bring when DJing. Some DJs still argue for the purity of using records mostly in the name of tradition. Final scratch technology has been a major technological advance in recent time in the manipulation of audio.

I agree with Jay Smooth who recently argued that Rza probably is not crazy in claiming he invented Final Scratch technology. Rza’s claim to having invented the technology is that in the 1990s Rza invested over $2 million in the technology including obtaining worldwide patents. Rza did not solely invent the technology but his contribution did significantly contribute to the technology in some ways this reminds me of Al Gore taking credit for pushing the internet technology foward.

Reality TV: A New Income Stream For The Music Industry

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Album sales continue to sink thanks to file sharing and the rebirth of a singles market thanks to file sharing and the development of a market for singles thanks to the iPod.

Musical artists have had to turn to new markets a celebrities to remain profitable. Madonna has signed a contract which concentrates on her ability to keep touring. The record industry has been profitable pushing ringtones and is now trying to sell ringles, a couple of songs sold with a ringtone. Endorsements have becoming increasingly important for musicians and celebrities.

Reality television is quickly becoming another venue for artists to seek income To quote a recent LA Times article:

Still, executive producer Cris Abrego, who helped create “Gotti’s Way” as well as other music-flavored reality shows such as “Flavor of Love” with Flavor Flav, said the trend marks a new order for the music industry.

“The music industry is quickly changing, and not for the better,” he said. “Artists are looking for other ways to get exposure.”

They’re also seeking longevity, said Bill Adler, a media consultant who was publicity director for rap-pioneering Def Jam Records from 1984 through 1990. “Hip-hop is mostly for young folks, and now the question for the ones who paved the way is, ‘How do you create a second act?’ As far as these artists go, they’ve always been multidimensional to the core audience.”

VIolence May Be Down But People Are Still Fleeing Their Homes In Iraq

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

The Washington Post reports that a new report from the Iraqi Red Crescent Society states that Iraqis have been leaving 2.3 million Iraqis displaced since February. Over 83 percent of those driven out have been women and children.

In many ways this is a result of ethnic cleansing as areas like Baghdad become more divided. Areas with the largest amount of civilian displacement are those with previously mixed ethnic populations such as Baghdad. Philip Carter points out in Slate that violence is now down in Iraq due in large part due to ethnic cleansing:

However, the most persuasive explanation for the good news is that the Shiites have won the battle for Baghdad. Shiite militias and partisans have killed or expelled tens of thousands of Sunnis, changing the ethnographic map of the ancient city. The few Sunnis who remain in Baghdad do so under the protection of U.S. military forces, secured by a labyrinth of concrete blast walls, checkpoints, and security bases. Violence is down because the Shiites have fewer Sunnis to kill, and the Sunni insurgents now find it harder to move around in order to strike with suicide bombers, rockets, and roadside bombs.

It would be unseemly for Lt. Gen. Odierno to claim credit for ethnic cleansing, or to find a silver lining in the deaths of thousands of Sunnis, but this is the unavoidable, if unspoken, truth about the decline of violence in Baghdad. But on Thursday, Odierno didn’t just talk around or downplay the truth, he flatly denied it, saying, “I’ve not seen any significant shifts [in the ethnic composition of Baghdad] that have changed it from January, when we got here, to now.” His own troops patrolling the streets of Sunni neighborhoods in Western Baghdad say otherwise, as do a number of reporters who have tracked the ethnographic composition of the city since the surge began. Baghdad has Balkanized into armed camps, protected for the moment by a mix of American troops and local militias.

“This attack ignited sectarian and ethnic arms conflict throughout Iraq on a scale never seen before. Thousands of Shiites had fled Sunni areas and vice versa,” the report said. “In addition to their plight as being displaced, the majority suffer from disease, poverty and malnutrition.”

Ron Paul Raises Record Amount

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Yesterday, November 5th Ron Paul supporters donated $4.2 million to the campaign. This is a record one day fund raising effort for a Presidential campaign during the primary season.

The record fund raising occurred on November 5th, the anniversary of Guy Fawkes day. Guy Fawkes Day celebrates Guy Fawkes attempting to blow up Parliament in 1605. Some libertarians and anarchists have embraced Guy Fawkes as someone who tried to destroy the government and has recently entered the popular lexicon after the 2006 release of V is for Vendetta. It may not be the best move for a candidate running to be put in charge of the government to be associated with someone who tried to physically destroy the government.

Ron Paul’s campaign taking in $4.2 million in one day is impressive but it remains to be seen whether Ron Paul will become a viable candidate or if his ideas are to far out of the mainstream.

Ron Paul recently spoke to Tucker Carlson about his record fundraising success:

John Edwards Airs "Heroes" Ad in Iowa

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

John Edwards has an that will begin airing in Iowa titled Heroes. This ad reminds me of why I dislike John Edwards. Edwards has an ad about how he has sacrificed himself by having a career in public service to help those in need. Despite what Edwards say politicians can not and should not promise to fix everybody’s problems.

John Edwards Releases Ad Aimed At Hillary

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Former Senator John Edwards has released an ad pointing out Hillary Clinton’s inability to take a single stance. John Edwards’ ad uses footage from the last debate to prove his point.

Mitt Romney Attacks Hillary’s Lack of Experience

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Mitt Romney has a new ad attacking Hillary Clinton’s lack of executive experience in a new ad that wil begin airing in New Hampshire.

In Romney’s ad he compares Hillary entering the Presidency as an “intern” due to her on the job training. Hillary Clinton should not be President but it should be acknowledged that Hillary Clinton practically shared the Vice Presidency with Al Gore.

Another possible learned from the Bush Presidency is that lots of executive experience does not directly correlate to a successful presidency.

Weeding Out The Candidates

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

It may not seem that way but the candidate fields are starting to narrow.

The Republicans have had several departures. Sam Brownback recently quit for a lack of fund raising and may be very close to endorsing Rudy Giulani. Jim Gilmore quit the race in July after it was clear that no one cared about his candidacy. Alan Keyes, who may be running for President to pay off his campaign debt, was kept out of the latest Republican Presidential Debate.

Among the Democrats only only former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has left the Presidential race. The Democrats were able to keep Mike Gravel out of the last debate realizing that adding a cranky old man to the debate was not adding anything for the situation.

Marginal candidates still in the race in both parties are adding to the Presidential race. Tom Tancredo is busy calling major American cities part of a “third-world country. Ron Paul espouses a monetary policy that has not been used since before World War I. And John Edwards wants to try another New Deal because the first New Deal and the War on Poverty worked so well at fixing poverty.