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Liberal Democrats for Bob Barr

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

A poster at DailyKos called Caban suggests that liberal Democrats should support Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party. Caban’s logic is that if Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party are on the ballot in many states Bob Barr will wind up taking votes away from John McCain. Bring it on! The more Bob Barr supporters the better, even if it is for the wrong reason.

Kanye’s Flashing Lights Again

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Kanye West has a second video out for the single “Flashing Lights.” This is the second video of three videos that have been made for this single; the three videos are this version, the video with Rita G directed by Spike Jonze, and a version which has been shot but not released.

The video features a bunch of stills of a girl partying which goes along with the theme of the video. Another quality video from Kanye West. Kanye West is one of a small number artists who still make a large number of high quality videos. It seems like artists have adopted a grainy budget video recording technique which is due both to the record companies massively cutting the budgets spent on artists and the recent growth of video sharing sites like YouTube and OnSmash which partly lowers consumer expectations for the quality of music vieos; thankfully, Kanye West has bucked the trend of low budget music videos.

Chicago Overturns Foie Gras Ban

Monday, May 19th, 2008

The City Council for the City of Chicago has announced it has overturned the ban on foie gras. The vote on the measure was 37-2.

This is a move for freedom besides the city’s ban on foie gras was probably not preventing any animal cruelty.

Sharpton Shakes Down Aftermath

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Al Sharpton is often attacked by conservatives who accuse him of being a shakedown artist. The latest example of Sharpton’s shakedown tactics continues this pattern. According to Bruce Williams, Dr. Dre’s former associate, Al Sharpton demanded half a million dollars or he would start demonstrations in regards to the beef between 50 Cent and the Game.

In an upcoming interview for HipHopDX with Dr. Dre’s former right hand man for over a decade, Bruce Williams, it was revealed that Rev Al Sharpton gave Dr. Dre and his Aftermath camp an ultimatum – Half a million to squash the 50 Cent/Game beef or they would march.

“He said if we didn’t have a million, we marching. It’s that easy,” Williams stated exclusively to HipHopDX. He also makes mention of the situation in his recently released book “Rollin With Dre.”

“We got a lot of black leaders that don’t do shit to me. I don’t see what they do,” he continues. “In the (Game/50) situation (Sharpton and company) are going to come and say ‘we need X amount of money’, whether you are going to give it to charity or not? Why don’t you come and say ‘hey, let’s all of us sit down and figure this out?’ Don’t come and say ‘give me a half a million dollars or we marching!’ That didn’t even get the situation resolved. You seen it. They didn’t even look like they squashed anything.”

Williams accuses Sharpton of “orchestrating” the press conference held to squash the beef and states that “so-called” activists do this “all of the time.”

“Look at C Delores Tucker back in the day,” Williams said. “They was sitting up there talking all that bullshit when behind closed doors they was trying to start their own label. But that isn’t what they were telling motherfuckers in the street!”

Do Sharpton’s tactics have no bounds? Sounds like threats from Sharpton may have ended in squashing the beef between The Game and 50 Cent.

Chevy Boys

Friday, May 16th, 2008

There was a time when rappers would mention a brand or a product in a song because they liked it, that time is long past.

I was recently sent a new song called “Chevy Boyz” by Blood Raw, one of Young Jeezy’s weed carriers, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross. The song has Young Jeezy and the rest of them talking about how they love their Chevy and other nonsense. The song is alright but I find I no longer can listen to a rap song about a product and believe they really like it and they are not just pushing the brand on record due to an endorsement. A quick internet search reveals that Young Jeezy has considered an endorsement with Chevrolet in the past.

Is this song just part of an endorsement deal with Chevrolet? I’m not sure it might be.

Bobb Barr Says Cut Spending First

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Bob Barr has a new video on YouTube calling for cuts in government spending and tax reform.

Bob Barr states that cutting the size of the government spending is more important than changing tax policy. I like tax cuts a lot but the problem with the Bush administration has been government spending not the lack of tax cuts.

Bob Barr stresses the need for tax reform stating that any reform of the system would be better than what the United States has now. Bob Barr has been the supporter of the Fair Tax which is essentially a national sales tax plan. Bob Barr does mention he is open to other types of tax reform plans including a flat tax plan. This is good news because I dislike the fair tax because I am afraid it would impose a harsh regulatory burden on small businesses. Barr’s ability to consider other tax reform policies makes him a more of an attractive candidate for Libertarians.

T.I. – No Matter What MP3

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

T.I. has a new song out called No Matter What. For some reason the song reminds me of the scene at the end of The Wire where Marlo insists on defending his name after knowing he is out of the game.

Anyway it’s an enjoyable song from T.I.

Celebrating the Freedom to Get Drunk

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

The Pennsylvania Legislature is about to make access to alcohol even easier. The state of Pennsylvania is considering allowing wine to be sold in vending machines.

Unfortunately, the state only plans on putting the vending machines in malls and grocery stores; Wendell Young IV, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776, whose members include state store clerks said “You’re not going to put these up at bus stops, or on a street corner, like a Coke or Pepsi vending machine.”

Alcohol vending machines have been used in Singapore, Japan, Scotland and elsewhere in Europe.

Another win for freedom of choice. It is always good when the state allows people more freedoms, even if that is just making it easier for them to get drunk on a cheap bottle of wine.