Bob Barr Conference Call

Bob Barr recently held a conference call with several bloggers. Ed Morrissey, The Moderate Voice and James Joyner. Bob Barr explains the practical things he would do if President:

Barr would lead by example, ordering an immediate 10% cut in the Executive office for personnel and spending. Further, he would ask Congress, (both parties) to start cutting costs or “they will be next“. Any bill that increases the national debt will be vetoed. No increases in appropriations for any office will be tolerated. He would immediately put a freeze on all federal spending. He would also eliminate the Dept. of Education, reduce the size and scope of the Dept. of Energy, and establish a commission similar to the Grace Commission under Ronald Reagan. This group would examine every department and agency to determine their constitutionally based identity and function and prioritize eliminating those that don’t meet muster

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