John McCain = J-Love

Yesterday this blog mentioned an analogy between John McCain and 50 Cent, today this blog would like to point out the similarity between John McCain and J-Love.

What could old Washington insider Senator John McCain and underground rapper J-Love have in common? They both hate bloggers.

Below is the audio of J-Love dissing bloggers.
This was put together by Robbie at
John McCain also hates the bloggers as seen from this clip from New Hampshire:

2 Responses to “John McCain = J-Love”

  1. rachelle claire says:

    hey this blog is awesome! keep writing this stuff, it’s good for my hip-hop education…i’mma come back every day!

  2. Hip-Hop says:

    WOW, well what can I say. John McCain hates the bloggers, well i feel so un-loved….Well I dont hate people, but I sure will not vote for this guy!!!!

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