T.I. – Whatever You Like

T.I. has a new song called Whatever You Like that has a new kind of sing-songy hook that I like. It’s a typical rap song about sex and materialism but it sounds good and sometimes that is enough.

Update August 8, 2008:

Here is the video for the song:

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  1. Starchild says:

    I recommend the song “Independent Woman” by Destiny’s Child as a track with a strong libertarian message.

    music video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuMmfDWMLgY

    lyrics – http://www.lyricsnet.net/lyrics.php?id=43

  2. Anonymous says:

    Get the T.I new video in high quality

    http://swiftsharing.com/play.php?vid=257 – Whatever you like

    http://swiftsharing.com/play.php?vid=256 – What up Whats Happenin

    You can stream or download the video ..the quality is so good I wouldn’t be taking my time to write this if it wasn’t. The download button is in the bottom!

    x264 quality rocks!

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