Hip-Hop post-Obama

The New York Press has on hip-hop’s relationship with Barack Obama. The main point of the article is that hip-hop is also excited about Barack Obama being President because he is black, cool, and he gets hip-hop unlike all previous presidents.

The question is where does hip-hop go from here? Part of the appeal and power of hip-hop is that hip-hop has continued to serve as a voice of opposition of the status quo. A key element of rap music even in the works of commercial interests like Jay-Z has been to question the political leaders.

Based on the twittering of ?eustlove of The Roots, I am afraid most of hip-hop will automatically approve of Barack Obama’s actions. Thank goodness Dead Prez will still hold his feet to the fire.

2 Responses to “Hip-Hop post-Obama”

  1. ian says:

    You’re politically aligning yourself with Dead Prez?? I love their music but even I don’t really agree with a lot of what they espouse.

  2. Cal Ulmann says:

    Dead Prez is out there politically and I very rarely agree with them politically. Although I enjoy their music.

    There does seem to be a feeling that Obama can do no wrong and a fealing that Barack Obama can do no wrong.

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