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No Sex Themed Parks Allowed In China

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

The fact capitalism has come to China is a good thing. It is good that the Chinese people have more choices that they are able to make in their lives as well as increased prosperity.

However, China is far from a free place. The latest example is the fact that Chinese authorities have put a stop to the opening of a sex-themed amusement park. The theme park was set to have giant-sized reproductions of male and female anatomy, an exhibition about the history of sex and featured at the entrance a giant pair of women’s legs clad only in a red thong. The park did have a learning side also offering lessons in safe sex and the proper use of condoms, as well as workshops offering sex techniques.

The Chinese officials closed Love Land, the sex themed amusement park saying it was vulgar and unnecessary. I wonder if the government officials realize the appeal is that it is vulgar and unnecessary. I guess the Chinese government don’t see the necessity in teaching people about safe sex considering the fact that “an estimated 700,000 people living with HIV in China, including about 75,000 AIDS patients

In a free country you are allowed to do something the government may deem unnecessary; China fails to meet this criteria.

Link via Marginal Revolution

DJ Emskee is a rapper

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

I have been listening to the Underground Railroad on WBAI on and off for probably over 10 years. Little did I know that DJ Emskee also has a side career as a rapper.

DJ Emskee along with producer and rapper Saint rap together as the group The Good People. The Good People have been rapping together for 4 years and have released 2 full length albums, An EP and 5 singles. Now The Good People are preparing to release their first U.S. album on May 19th with the release of Home Coming from Domination Recordings.

Here is a link to the song “Gotta Thing For You” By The Good People.

Money Does Not Equal Culture

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Time Magazine has a quick interview with Busta Rhymes on their site. In the interview Busta Rhymes is asked about the criticism in his popular single “Arab Money”. Quote:

There’s a song on the album called “Arab Money” that incorporates verses from the Koran as well as statements about women and partying. Some people are really offended by the song and its video. I know you’ve stated publicly that the song isn’t meant to demean anyone. What were you trying to say there?

Busta: I think the handful of people who disagreed with this song really misunderstood what the record was about. What I’m talking about is getting money. I was really trying to point out that Arabs have one of the richest cultures in the world, not just from a monetary standpoint but also a spiritual standpoint. In the United States and North America, we’re not really identified with a particular faith. We don’t really have a culture that anyone can identify with because America is a mixture taken from everyone else’s [roots]. My thinking is that if we’re going to take from a culture, let’s take from a culture that has exemplified success for thousands of years.

Hearing Busta’s response is interesting and sounds like the way Michael Eric Dyson would explain away objectionable lyrics from a rapper. It is commendable to point out that the Arab people have an old culture which should be appreciated for spiritual and other reasons.

But this is not what Busta Rhymes mentions about Arabs in the song “Arab Money.” Sure there are references to a couple of Arab things but mostly Busta is just talking about oil money and material possessions. Busta should learn that money of itself is not culture.

However I admit I have enjoyed listening to the song when it is being played somewhere.

Barr Spending Roundup

Monday, May 18th, 2009

George Phillies has a roundup of Bob Barr’s 2008 Presidential Campaign spending. George Phillies lost the Libertarian Party’s nomination of President to Bob Barr at the 2008 Libertarian Party Convention.

No Freedom For Prostitution In Rhode Island

Friday, May 15th, 2009

There is a new loss for liberty in Rhode Island. Rhode Island state legislators have adopted a ban on indoor prostitution in the state.

According to the AP article, state lawmakers in Rhode Island have previously tried to outlaw prostitution state unsuccessfully because of concern for the prostitutes. As Rhode Island Rep. Anastasia Williams, D-Providence says

“Some of them may be unemployed by no fault of their own, and find that ‘Let me go make a quick buck to pay the landlord, or pay to keep the light on,’” Williams said. “At that moment they make that wrong decision, they get popped. They lose everything they’ve worked for.”

Prostitution should be legal if it is an exchange between two consenting adults. There is no reason police in Rhode Island should be diverting resources away from combating real crime to arrest people for having sex.

Link via To The People

Rand Paul for Senate

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son, announced on The Rachel Maddow show that he is forming an exploratory comittee to run for the United States Senate.

Rand Paul has owned his own business, performing eye surgery in Bowling Green, KY, for 18 years. He is also the founder of the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, an organization that performs eye exams and surgery for less fortunate patients.

Rand Paul is also the founder of the Kentucky Taxpayers United (KTU) in 1994. KTU rates the state legislature’s tax honesty and helps promote the Americans for Tax Reform taxpayer pledge, to oppose any and all marginal income tax increases and any reduction in tax deductions.

Rand Paul has a large amount of experience working with his father Ron Paul on his 1988 Presidential Campaign.

Rand Paul sounds very much like his father politically. The issues section of his website has sections on guns, bailouts, inflation, taxes and debt, national defense, privacy and liberty, soveirgnty, veterans, home schooling, veterans and energy innovation. Many of his positions are expressed in a libertarian direction similar to his father Ron Paul. The only section on his website that is the section on sovereignty which expresses to much fear of international organizations. His website focuses a lot on government spending which is an out of control problem right now. is a Democratic Party Drone

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas decided to become politically active last year along with a large number of celebrities pushing for Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy. Will.I.Am did that corny “Yes We Can” YouTube video where Will I Am got a bunch of celebrities to proclaim their worship to Barack Obama and his candidacy. That was okay. That was not a problem for me. I kind of liked Barack Obama as a Presidential Candidate he was talking about transparency and rolling back some of the horrific foreign policy decisions of the Bush Administration. If I had to vote for Barack Obama or John McCain, I probably would have voted for Obama. Lots of celebrities supported Obama and still do because he was cool and liberal among other things.

Now Will.I.Am is planning on meeting Terry McAuliffe at at least four events as he campaigns to get the Democratic Party’s nomination for Governor. Terry McAuliffe is not from Virginia and has not spent any amount of time in the state of Virginia other than parts of Northern Virginia inside the beltway. stated in a press release:

“Terry is my good friend and my closest political mentor,” said in a statement released by the campaign. “He will be a great governor because of his passion to help people and his understanding of the grassroots community. I look forward to joining him on the campaign trail.”

To me this sounds like does not have a specific reason other than he probably met Terry McAuliffe with Barack Obama once. is a hack. Hip-hop should not support professional politicians.

New Music Stuff May 1, 2009

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Here is a video for Kanye West’s “Amazing.”

Amazing from kwest on Vimeo. I like the visuals in this song but I kind of missed the earlier Kanye West when he used to rap. This is good background music though.
Buy “Amazing” as a digital song from Amazon here.
Link via Notes From A Different Kitchen

The Meaning of Dope has a great clip from The Pharcyde performing “Passing Me By” on In Living Color. Great song but in this clip as in many hip-hop performances on In Living Color the show would usuallly end before the song would finish.

Buy the CD of Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde at Buy “Passing Me By” as an .mp3 at

Robbie at Unkut has up an interesting interview with Dante Ross, the famed A&R behind De La Soul, Digital Underground and many other acts. Here is Part 2 of the interview with Dante Ross where he talks about working at Elektra turning Busta Rhymes into a solo artist and other things.

Murs has a new video for “The Science” off of his album Murs for President

Murs – The Science from on Vimeo.

Link via 2 Dope Boyz Murs raps about racism, hip-hop and problems in the criminal justice system among other things.

Here is a new video for “Be By Myself” featuring Cee-Lo off of Asher Roth’s new album Asleep In The Bread Aisle. It’s a so so song but Asher Roth is enjoyable:
Buy the .mp3 of “Be By Myself” here.