Healthcare Is Never Free

Healthcare is never free. According to Charlie Rangel, the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman in order to pay for the “health care reform” taxes will be raised by $600 billion and Medicare and Medicaid will be cut by $400 billion. This plan will not only cost more money but old people and poor people will have their healthcare limited to provide healthcare for other people.

Obama had been hoping health care reform would only cost $634 billion but it looks like it will now cost over $1 trillion.

4 Responses to “Healthcare Is Never Free”

  1. kommanderNchief says:

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  2. W says:

    Thus far everything the president has done has cost way more than anyone anticipated. Why would healthcare, which is notoriously expensive, be any different? If the government takes over the system we can say goodbye to America as the #1 country on the planet for research, breakthroughs, and treatment.


  3. How to says:

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  4. Clint says:

    Why is everyone bemoaning the cost of universal health care when we have a military budget upwards of $600 billion?

    Health care is a human right. We should provide it because we are civilized and care about other Americans not being able to pay to survive — not because it's cheap.

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