Obama Signed Up For A Hard Job

Recently, Barack Obama has taken to blaming George W. Bush for problems such as our economy. It is true George W. Bush did screw up the economy pretty well but eventually Obama is going to have to take credit for it.

Obama signed up for a bad job when he ran for President. Being President normally is a hard job. It becomes an even harder job when you are President and start off with a recession and two wars going on.

I guess the only really good part about starting off with a country in a lousy condition to run is it is pretty easy to make things seem better.

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  1. Neesh B Fly says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with what you are saying. Even though it easier to blame others, we too must accept part of the responsibility for the situation. You said it very well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Cal;

    OK as far as you go, but there's a lot more involved here.

    You need to delve much more deeply into the literature presently available to understand the utter incompetence lf our former President. It's not only that he was a complete idiot, but that he failed to be a leader in the true sense of the word. Not only did he lack the scope of intellectual understanding of the issues at hand, but he failed to re-think policies his subordinates pushed upon him until it was too late for any possible changes he could make to make a difference upon policy decisions. One case in point is his management of the military leadership in our Iraq war effort. There was an alternative military option, but by the time he dismissed military leadership who had failed an appointedd David Petreus and his new counter-insugency strategy, it ws far too late for Bush to reclaim a leadersip position.

    Then look at his failure to recognize the financial crisis that was brewing. Thirty years of de-regulation, sponsored by a Republican Party that was ill-informed and totally misguided in the management of our economy, carried on into the Bush II Administration and added to the factors leading to an almost complete collapse of the world financial markets.

    So, yes, Obamma had no where to go but up, but the fact that we stood "at the abyss" looking down into catastrophe could not be laid at his doorstep, and we can only thank the Gods that we had economic leaders like Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner to step up and do what was necessary. I would recommend several books to you for a fuller understanding of what these leaders faced. The first is
    "The Trillion Dollar Meltdown" by Charles R. Morris; the second, "The Return of Depression Economics" by Paul Krugman; the third "In Fed We Trust" by David Wessel, a current NY Times Best Seller. That book is referenced in detail in The Times Financial Section today.

    What America needs today is true leadership that addresses the p;roblems we face as a Nation, in issues such as health care reform, economic policy, and international relations. Fortunately, we have such a leader and deputies that he has selected. Now we can only hope that his leadership will rise above partisan politics and offer true solutions that will make all of our lives better in the future.

    Bill B.
    Somers, New York

  4. bbreak says:



    Obama certainly did sign up for a very tough job, and it gets harder every day!

    I don't think any incoming President faced such a miserable political and economic climate. I also think that despite his rejection of Jimmy Carter's "race remarks", Obama is indeed facing a backlash that conservatives on the right are all too willing to adopt, though denying its real source.

    It is said that hard times test the mantle of a man, and Obama is truly being pushed like no other new Chief Executive has been. I am becoming more and more convinced that our political stucture has to change–it can't go on like this. It was close to a year ago the he was elected by an overwhelming majority; yet look at the constant and hateful heat he is taking.
    Perhaps "Libertarianism" is the answer. Or a parlimentary democracy, but politics as it now exists here has been in a downward spiral for decades, and is only getting worse.

    Bill B.
    Somers, NY

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