I like Pizza

I like pizza as many Americans do.  And I don’t want to have to pay any more for pizza than it is worth.  But the government feels differently.  Researchers writing in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine feel differently.  These researchers argue that if you increase the price of pizza by 10 percent would reach a 12% decrease in the amount of calories consumed.  I understand that the government wants to protect people from obesity but I don’t think they should be doing it.  Taxes on things like pizza are not fair to those who choose to occasionally eat pizza but otherwise live healthy lives.

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  1. Russell Seaver says:

    Tax on pizza is not fair because the federal government has no authority over whether I live healthy or unhealthy. Why would anyone want to give their choices over to a 3rd party that you do not know and does not know you???

  2. Bret Weller says:

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  3. The whole notion it is any of the state’s damn business what people choose to eat must be rejected strongly. Your body is not the property of the state.

  4. k0j0j0j0 says:

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  5. B says:

    While I share some of your libertarian tendencies, this pizza business is the least of your worries. Pizza is arguably so prevalent because of state interference, especially when one considers the cost of animals based products without heavy government subsidy. It goes like this: Government subsidizes corn (most of which is used for animal feed), unrealistically cheap corn is fed to animals, unrealistically cheap animals products are produced/sold, and then people complain about the government telling them to not eat as much pizza. I’m sorry, but EVERYONE who isn’t farming for themselves is eating what amounts to heavily subsidized government food (especially if you consume animal based products).

    So to go around acting like the pizza just magically landed on your plate, and that you have some inalienable right to endlessly consume slices is somewhat ludicrous. I hate the government just like the rest, but this kind of attitude smacks of the “entitlements” that so many of the tea baggers and others rail about. Just some food for thought.

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