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Obama, The Black Panthers, George Bush

Monday, July 12th, 2010

A popular idea has been aired on conservative radio and television by the likes of Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, The Wall Street Journal and others that the Obama Administration at the behest of Eric Holder has let off New Black Panther Party members who engaged in voter imitation. This fits into an idea in the minds of conservatives that the Obama administration is full of liberal radical who believe in black liberation theology. The only problem is non of this is true. Obama certainly is a liberal but the events in question have not happened as reported.

The case against the New Black Panther Party members was actually dropped during the last days of the Bush Administration The truth is Obama isn’t really a radical he is just a big government Democrat. As nice as it would be to believe in some big giant conspiracy I believe the truth is scary enough.

Link via Julian Sanchez

Rand Paul Misstates Obama’s Record on Immigration

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Rand Paul Yark Sign
Rand Paul Misstates Obama’s Record On Immigration in his recently released press release. Barack Obama currently favors building a combination of electronic and actual fence at the border to control illegal immigration. This is the exact policy that Barack Obama follows in regard to immigration. Rand Paul at the very least is distorting Obama’s record to make himself feel tougher on immigration.

Elena Kagan’s Emails

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

While we have all learned this week that Elena Kagan is hilarious as far as Supreme Court Justices can get when neither confirming nor denying just about everything but her name.  These hearings have been so boring and she has done such a good job at avoiding questions that Senator Al Franken even fell asleep during the hearing.

But maybe there are things we could learn about Elena Kagan.  For example, the Sunlight Foundation has created a site called Elena’s Inbox which posts all the emails to and from Elena Kagan during her time in the Clinton Administration in a searchable manner similair to gmail.