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Obama, The Black Panthers, George Bush

Monday, July 12th, 2010

A popular idea has been aired on conservative radio and television by the likes of Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, The Wall Street Journal and others that the Obama Administration at the behest of Eric Holder has let off New Black Panther Party members who engaged in voter imitation. This fits into an idea in the minds of conservatives that the Obama administration is full of liberal radical who believe in black liberation theology. The only problem is non of this is true. Obama certainly is a liberal but the events in question have not happened as reported.

The case against the New Black Panther Party members was actually dropped during the last days of the Bush Administration The truth is Obama isn’t really a radical he is just a big government Democrat. As nice as it would be to believe in some big giant conspiracy I believe the truth is scary enough.

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Rand Paul Misstates Obama’s Record on Immigration

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Rand Paul Yark Sign
Rand Paul Misstates Obama’s Record On Immigration in his recently released press release. Barack Obama currently favors building a combination of electronic and actual fence at the border to control illegal immigration. This is the exact policy that Barack Obama follows in regard to immigration. Rand Paul at the very least is distorting Obama’s record to make himself feel tougher on immigration.

Obama Signed Up For A Hard Job

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Recently, Barack Obama has taken to blaming George W. Bush for problems such as our economy. It is true George W. Bush did screw up the economy pretty well but eventually Obama is going to have to take credit for it.

Obama signed up for a bad job when he ran for President. Being President normally is a hard job. It becomes an even harder job when you are President and start off with a recession and two wars going on.

I guess the only really good part about starting off with a country in a lousy condition to run is it is pretty easy to make things seem better.

Healthcare Is Never Free

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Healthcare is never free. According to Charlie Rangel, the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman in order to pay for the “health care reform” taxes will be raised by $600 billion and Medicare and Medicaid will be cut by $400 billion. This plan will not only cost more money but old people and poor people will have their healthcare limited to provide healthcare for other people.

Obama had been hoping health care reform would only cost $634 billion but it looks like it will now cost over $1 trillion. is a Democratic Party Drone

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas decided to become politically active last year along with a large number of celebrities pushing for Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy. Will.I.Am did that corny “Yes We Can” YouTube video where Will I Am got a bunch of celebrities to proclaim their worship to Barack Obama and his candidacy. That was okay. That was not a problem for me. I kind of liked Barack Obama as a Presidential Candidate he was talking about transparency and rolling back some of the horrific foreign policy decisions of the Bush Administration. If I had to vote for Barack Obama or John McCain, I probably would have voted for Obama. Lots of celebrities supported Obama and still do because he was cool and liberal among other things.

Now Will.I.Am is planning on meeting Terry McAuliffe at at least four events as he campaigns to get the Democratic Party’s nomination for Governor. Terry McAuliffe is not from Virginia and has not spent any amount of time in the state of Virginia other than parts of Northern Virginia inside the beltway. stated in a press release:

“Terry is my good friend and my closest political mentor,” said in a statement released by the campaign. “He will be a great governor because of his passion to help people and his understanding of the grassroots community. I look forward to joining him on the campaign trail.”

To me this sounds like does not have a specific reason other than he probably met Terry McAuliffe with Barack Obama once. is a hack. Hip-hop should not support professional politicians.

He Started It

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Barack Obama has pointed out to journalists that “it wasn’t under me that we started buying a bunch of shares of banks. It wasn’t on my watch. And it wasn’t on my watch that we passed a massive new entitlement -– the prescription drug plan — without a source of funding.” As Micheal Tanner of Cato puts it “He Has a Point.” Many Republicans in Congress, as well as some conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh, have been extremely hypocritical in attacking spending now that Obama is in power and not causing a stir when Bush was in charge.

This does not excuse the bad behavior. If big spending was bad when Bush was in power, big spending is bad now. In many ways, the Democrats often sound like two kids quarreling tattling “He started it” to excuse bad behavior.

Offshore Drilling. Maybe Later?

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Before the economy collapsed in the fall, Republicans were planning on using offshore drilling as a political issue against the Democrats. It was going to be the perfect issue for the Republicans where they would have an actionable policy that the Democrats refused to go along with despite the wishes of the majority of the American people. The Republicans went so far as to choose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin based almost entirely on her support of oil drilling culminating in her catchphrase of “Drill Baby Drill.”

But the Democrats did not extend the offshore drilling ban. I am still not sure if the ban was not extended because the Democrats were not organized enough to renew the ban or if they realized it was bad politics and policy.

Now it appears that Barack Obama is at least putting into practice a delay of offshore drilling for 6 months. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar put out a statement saying that the administration wanted to extend the time for “review” on offshore drilling which is just a Washington D.C. of saying delay. Ken Salazar does give legitimate reasons which he may be sincere about including studying the uses of other forms of alternative energy and reconsidering the royalty rates on offshore drilling.

Obama should be prepared for the Republicans to use this against him. The Republicans will not turn down a political issue artificially causing oil prices to be higher.

Hip-Hop post-Obama

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

The New York Press has on hip-hop’s relationship with Barack Obama. The main point of the article is that hip-hop is also excited about Barack Obama being President because he is black, cool, and he gets hip-hop unlike all previous presidents.

The question is where does hip-hop go from here? Part of the appeal and power of hip-hop is that hip-hop has continued to serve as a voice of opposition of the status quo. A key element of rap music even in the works of commercial interests like Jay-Z has been to question the political leaders.

Based on the twittering of ?eustlove of The Roots, I am afraid most of hip-hop will automatically approve of Barack Obama’s actions. Thank goodness Dead Prez will still hold his feet to the fire.

Obama; The Abridged Chinese Version

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

China is not really ready for Barack Obama or that is what it would seem like from China’s covering of Obama’s inaugural speech. Not only did the live news broadcast cut away when Barack Obama mentioned dissent but parts of his speech were censored when published by the state-run Xinhua News Agency.

According to the Associated Press:

BEIJING – The official Chinese translation of President Barack Obama’s inauguration speech was missing his references to communism and dissent, while a live broadcast on state television Wednesday quickly cut away to the anchor when the topic was mentioned.

The comments by the newly installed U.S. president veered into politically sensitive territory for China’s ruling Communist Party, which maintains a tight grip over the Internet and the entirely state-run media. Beijing tolerates little dissent and frequently decries foreign interference in its internal affairs.

At one point, Obama said earlier generations “faced down communism and fascism not just with missiles and tanks, but with sturdy alliances and enduring convictions.” He later addressed “those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent … know that you are on the wrong side of history.”

The Chinese translation of the speech, credited to the Web site of the official China Daily newspaper, was missing the word “communism” in the first sentence. The paragraph with the sentence on dissent had been removed entirely.

The censored version was carried by the state-run Xinhua News Agency and posted on popular online portals Sina and Sohu. Another portal, Netease, used a version without the paragraph mentioning communism, but retaining the part about dissent.

As much progress as China has made moving towards a “free-market” system, a lot of progress still needs to be made in terms of moving China toward the direction of freedom including the right to dissent. Free countries let people speak their minds China is clearly not one of them.

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The End of The Torture Age

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s appointment for Attorney General testified to Congress yesterday that he believes that waterboarding is torture. This is a big change from the Bush administration in which none of the Attorney Generals said they were against torture. Thankfully, we will have an administration that will return to the rule of law in governing.