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I’m back!

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Blogging will continue. I have been on vacation in Central America but blogging will resume shortly.

DMCA Blog Takedown

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Blogger took down this post because someone accused it of being in violation of the DMCA. Blogger did not tell me who accused it of violating the DMCA act. The post just vanished without me even suggesting that my use of the content would qualify as fair use.

My guess is that it is because I embedded video of a performance of Digable Planets appearing on In Living Color. I guess the corporate powers that be would rather people not get excited about In Living Color or Digable Planets.

I would suggest for those of you concerned about DMCA to get involved with EFF, the ELectronic Frontier Foundation to try and roll back the excesses of the DMCA.

5 Random Music Links

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

More Random Music:

Rhymefest has a video out for his song “Stolen.” Rhymefest raps about genocide in Africa over a well produced No I.D. beat.

Kanye West has a new video for his single “Champion” off of last year’s album Graduation. The video features a puppet version of Kanye West.

1 Time 4 Your Mind has posted the promo video for Nas’s first classic album Illmatic.
Featuring many of the producers talking about their impact on Nas’s classic Illmatic.

The Meaning of Dope posted an old story CBS 48 Hours did with Ice Cube.
Bernie Goldberg should go back to journalism like this instead of just complaining on Fox News about liberals which he seems to do for a living.
Buy Ice Cube’s AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted here.

Anthony Hamilton has a new song which David Banner appears on for a verse.

John McCain = J-Love

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Yesterday this blog mentioned an analogy between John McCain and 50 Cent, today this blog would like to point out the similarity between John McCain and J-Love.

What could old Washington insider Senator John McCain and underground rapper J-Love have in common? They both hate bloggers.

Below is the audio of J-Love dissing bloggers.
This was put together by Robbie at
John McCain also hates the bloggers as seen from this clip from New Hampshire:

It’s hard out here for a blogger.

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

There have been limits to American freedom in recent years but Americans remain largely free to blog; whether Americans choose to blog about serious issues or waste time blogging about the the latest Lil Wayne album or who has appeared in the Presidential candidate’s photo ops.

In some countries blogging is a hazardous activity. Since 2003, 64 citizens unaffiliated with news organizations have been arrested for their blogging activities.

Using Google and LexisNexis as search engines, the World Information Access found 64 blogger arrest incidents discussed in various news articles, blogs, scholarly articles and informational Web sites. The WIA organized the incidents by blogger name, country, date of arrest, reason for arrest and time in jail. The majority of incidents took place in the Middle East and Asia with some in North America and Western Europe. The WIA recorded only bloggers who were arrested for using electronic media, which included written online blogs, videos and text messages, to discuss or record political issues and events. The online texts WIA reviewed cited a variety of reasons for the arrests including refusal to give information to the government and violating rules unrelated to state security. Incidents involving pornography or sexual abuse were avoided with the exception of a few select incidents.

More date on the World Information Access report can be found at this link.

Link via A Stitch in Haste

The Military Is Afraid of The Internet

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

The military was able to push out a number of stories in the media this week about the military’s development of several YouTube channels. The YouTube channel can be reached here. Lt. Col. Christopher Garver told the Los Angeles Times “This effort was not designed to combat what ends up on extremist Web sites.” Garver went on to say “But we understand that it is a battle space in which we have not been active, and this is a media we can use to get our story told.”

At the same time the military is requiring super strict regulations of blogs run by military personnel. Under the new rule military bloggers would have to contact their superior officer before each posting. This will have the effect of reducing the postings of miliblogs to a trickle. The military is using security as a scapegoat for this crackdown but as Julian Sanchez points out there the Army’s own Combined Arms Center concluded that there were few security grounds for concern. Posting of classified materials is already a crime. The soldiers that are posting classified material will likely continue posting thus the military that has decided in a war whose length will be determined by public opinion that they will give up on the blog PR war.