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Iran Cracking Down on Rap Music

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Iran Has Begun Cracking Down on Rap Music.  The limiting of free speech is one of the clear signs of a totalitarian government that will not allow free speech to flourish.  From The London Telegraph:

According to Tehran-Emrouz, an Iranian daily newspaper, he said that young Iranian men and women were arrested last week in a score of raids targeting the capital’s underground rap scene. The rappers – both male and female – had apparently taken over “vacant” buildings in order to create what Iran’s regime has depicted as degenerative, anti-Islamic music. Tehran-Emrouz describes how the police kept the buildings under surveillance after they were informed that “young boys and girls” had been seen with “unusual appearances and musical instruments”

But the Iranian authorities are not cracking down on the music because it is anti-Islamic and somehow profane but because it is confronting problems with the Iranian government:

The regime can tolerate its youth intoxicated. But what it cannot abide is young Iranians actively subverting its authority. Iranian rap is not a direct emulation of what the regime deems “messianic” American rap; its lyrics often derive from the pain of living under the corruption and abuse of the Islamic Republic.

The establishment of the Islamic regime marked the exodus of talented Iranian musicians from the country. One famous Iranian rapper, Erfan, now lives in California. His lyrics are not about fast cars and money. And they are certainly not, as the Iranian government has suggested, sexually explicit. For an increasingly unpopular and paranoid Iranian President like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, they are far worse:

“I wanna break all borders and boundaries before the flight and escape of all our valuable brains. All the youth in Iran have plans of leaving, from continent to continent they are travelling. After 2000 years it’s the time of breaking tradition, suffocating our family trees in exile.”

These frustrated lyrics from Sad Ghasam, ‘One Hundred Promises’, are especially pertinent to the post-2005 era, when Ahmadinejad banned Western and “indecent” music from state-run TV and radio stations. In an explicit attack against the Regime, Erfan also wrote Tasmim, ‘Resolution’, after the June 2009 Green Movement protests in Iran. One line in particular echoes recent events: “Every day you say our Iran is at fault, you say this but you beat and you kill.” It is for lyrics like these that the young musicians have been arrested in Tehran.

Suicide Bombers Are Not Just From Iran

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Part of the escalation of diplomatic tensions between the United States and Iran, unrelated to Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, has been the fact that Iran is the main meddler in Iraq. This fits hawkish theories that Iraq is just a proxy war between the United States and Iran (which it may be).

Evidence points to Syria being the real culprit. David Satterfield, Condi Rice’s adviser on Iraq estimates that 85 to 90 percent of the foreign suicide bombers in Iraq had traveled through Syria.

Satterfied told the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, “They (suicide bombers) see Syria as a more accommodating country through which to transit across the border to come into Iraq to perpetrate their terror.”

In considering the implications for possible war with Iran it should be noted that Syria is a bigger culprit.

Iran’s Not Funding All The Insurgency

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Iran certainly may be providing some means of equipment for the Shiite extremists. In a recent interwiew with USA Today Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno said: “We have weapons that we know through serial numbers … that trace back to Iran.”

Nowhere in the interview is any reference made to Iran and the Sunnis. Iran may be backing some elements of the insurgency but there is also a civil war occuring in Iraq which will not go away with any form of U.S. military intervention in Iran.