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Monday, March 9th, 2009

Elliot Wilson of XXL fame has launched his new website The site seems to be in early launch because many of the sections on the site are content free; Elliot seems to his placed in getting his site up live after his promotional hype around the hip-hop blogs. The site is still lacking other things like an About Page and an RSS feed.

Elliot Wilson has called a Huffington Post like destination for the hip-hop blogosphere. had the same idea but has failed to take off as promoters had hoped.

Will be successful? Maybe. It does have some good content like an interview with Q-Tip and T.I. but do I really want to read about what Pam from Martin thought about Biggie.

New Music Stuff February 26, 2009

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Q-Tip has a new video for the song “MANWOMANBOOGIE” off of his new album The Renaissance

Buy the song from Amazon here: ManWomanBoogie
Link via Rock The Dub Video costars hiphop journalist Amanda Diva.

Rock the Dub has a link to an mp3 of a mashup of MIA’s “Paper Planes” and Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments.

K’Naan has a new video for his song ABC’s by Chubb Rock:
ABC’s is off K’Naan’s forthcoming album Troubadour
Link via Eskay

Here is the remix to Q-Tip’s Renaissance Rap with Lil’ Wayne, Busta Rhymes, and Raekwonn. Busta Rhymes ane Raekwon are enjoyable but Lil’ Wayne gets too many bars on this remix.
Link via Metal Lungies

Gettin’ Up Into The I-phone

Monday, December 1st, 2008

As album sales decline, music artists continue to look for new sources of income. Mobile phones have become a standard source of income with singles sales transitioning into sales of ring tones.

Musical artists realize ring tone sales are not enough. The new world of mobile phone profits for mobile phones is applications. Q-Tip has entered the world of mobile application licensing by licensing Gettin’ Up off of his new album The Renaissance. Q-Tip has authorized “Gettin’ Up” to be used in the iPhone game app “Tap Tap.”

I would embed a Q-Tip video here but the thugs at Universal don’t want me to promote their artists fully.

5 Random Music Links

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

More Music:

Diplo has produced a remix of John Legend’s “Green Light” featuring Andre 3000 with a 90′s era techno bass mix.

The Knux have released a video for their single “Bang Bang” off of their album Remind Me In 3 Days.
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I found this great video for a song called “Keep It Moving” by underground Chicago rapper Seel Fresh.

The song is off of Seel Fresh‘s sophmore album Street Famous which drops October 28th. “Keep It Moving” is produced by Cee The chef with Cuts by DJ Mental. The video is directed by Brian “TangAble” Evans and features cinematography by James Mulholland.
Link via

Here is a video of Q-Tip performing “Work It Out” as well as “Electric Relaxation” on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. The video is a little grainy but still enjoyable.

Link via Hip-Hop Flavas Blog

People Under The Stairs have a video for The Wiz
off of their new album Fun DMC. I really like People Under The Stairs fun laid back vibe.

People Under The Stairs – The Wiz Video
by golddustmedia

Link via Nah Right

More Random Music

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

More random music:

I saw this great remix to the Jay-Z song Roc Boys by K Def. The horns are replaced with a smooth guitar lick. Instead of being a party song the song switches to a laid back song emphasizing the lyrics with occasional blasts of sirens for a sense of urgency.

Link via

Here is the new single “Touch & Go” from Joe Budden. Joe Budden will release his new album Padded Room on October 28. Fun Joe budden song with an electronica sound.

Here is a new song from Q-Tip called “Gettin’ Up Clean.” How we all miss A Tribe Called Quest. Hopefully Q-Tip will get a release for the album he has been working on.
Link via Hip Hop Flavas

Here is a new video by Detroit female emcee Invincible for her song titled “Sledgehammer”. Invincible covers topics such as gentrification and urban decay briefly in this song.

This song by Invincible is off of her new album Shapeshifters which will be released on September 9th.

There is a new Jay-z song called “Jocking Jay-Z” produced by Kanye West that is floating around the internet. More Jay-z talk about how rich he is and famous he is; Jay-Z’s act of exclaiming how famous he is getting a little boring but his rap flow is still great and the Kanye Beat is amazing with the simple guitar distortion and straight forward hard rap drum beat.