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Hip-Hop Links September 30, 2009

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

More Hip-Hop Links from around the internets:

Here is the New York Post covering Def Jam being celebrated at VH1′s Hip-Hop Honors.

Here is a video of Blue Scholars for “HI-808″ rapping about Hawaii.

Goodie Mob is reuniting according to Cee-Lo Green.

Here is a video from Senior Kaos called Automatic Classic:

Señor Kaos – Automatic Classic OFFICIAL VIDEO from Señor Kaos on Vimeo.

Here’s a rap video about Ending The Fed probably from a Ron Paul fan:

It’s not great but it sounds better than the corny music played at the 9/12 Tea Party in D.C.

Ron Paul on Freedom Watch

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Ron Paul appeared on yesterday’s Freedom Watch with Andrew Napolitano. Freedom Watch is a web only news show hosted by former Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Ron Paul is right we should have allowed GM to go bankrupt months ago. Keeping GM alive these several months was just a waste of money but then maybe it is cheaper than unemployment insurance for all those workers. Ron Paul is right to say that the Republican Party has given up the right to provide opposition to these bailouts by supporting them when George Bush was in power.

The argument often made in favor of why Republicans supported the bailouts is that we were in an emergency and something had to be done. Yes, we were in a bad situation but there is little evidence that government action has helped to solve the crisis. The Government always uses emergencies as an excuse to take on more power and do things that the people would not normally approve of.

Rand Paul for Senate

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son, announced on The Rachel Maddow show that he is forming an exploratory comittee to run for the United States Senate.

Rand Paul has owned his own business, performing eye surgery in Bowling Green, KY, for 18 years. He is also the founder of the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, an organization that performs eye exams and surgery for less fortunate patients.

Rand Paul is also the founder of the Kentucky Taxpayers United (KTU) in 1994. KTU rates the state legislature’s tax honesty and helps promote the Americans for Tax Reform taxpayer pledge, to oppose any and all marginal income tax increases and any reduction in tax deductions.

Rand Paul has a large amount of experience working with his father Ron Paul on his 1988 Presidential Campaign.

Rand Paul sounds very much like his father politically. The issues section of his website has sections on guns, bailouts, inflation, taxes and debt, national defense, privacy and liberty, soveirgnty, veterans, home schooling, veterans and energy innovation. Many of his positions are expressed in a libertarian direction similar to his father Ron Paul. The only section on his website that is the section on sovereignty which expresses to much fear of international organizations. His website focuses a lot on government spending which is an out of control problem right now.

Ron Paul Speaks on Bruno Interview

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Earlier in March the story first appeared about Ron Paul being interviewed by Sacha Baron Cohen as the character Bruno.

Here is audio of Ron Paul speaking on the matter to talk radio host Curtis Sliwa:

It is believable that Ron Paul may not have hard of the movie Borat but it is rather unfortunate that nobody on his staff was cautious enough before setting up the appointment. Then again Ron Paul has done interviews with 9/11 conspirator Alex Jones.

Link via Gawker

Ron Paul Debates The Guy From BioDome

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Ron Paul was recently on Larry King Live debating Stephen Baldwin about marijuana prohibition. It is a sad state of political journalism when political debate is lowered to the level of a celebrity debating a professional politician.

Pimp My Walker.

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Reason TV has an animated cartoon at their site called “Pimp My Walker” explaining the generational income shift that occurs with Social Security. A simplistic but accurate description of how Social Security works.

Ron Paul had the best fair way to deal with Social Security which is to allow people to choose to opt out of security.

Update: Below is part 2 of a Five Part series at reason TV:

August 6th Barr Bomb

Friday, July 25th, 2008 is setting a goal for a money bomb for Bob Barr of August 6th.

The people at seem to realize that the Bob Barr money bombs are not going to raise as much as Ron Paul’s money bombs. They have set the goal for the August 6th money bomb to raise $100,000 which is an impressive goal since the last money bomb for Bob Barr raised only $40,000. Bob Barr does not seem to be having the traction that Ron Paul had earlier this year either in terms of fund raising or media coverage.

Ron Paul’s Unendorsement

Friday, June 13th, 2008

So far Ron Paul has not endorsed any candidate for President.

Ron Paul did not endorse John McCain because Paul though McCain did not represent small-government values.

Ron Paul has said highly favorable things about Bob Barr’s candidacy:

“He’s saying the things he should be saying. He’s joined the Libertarian Party and he presents these views and he talks our language. So I do really believe that he can have a very positive effect in this campaign and let the people know that limited government is a very, very important message and that people will have a chance. That gives everybody a choice in the matter.”

Ron Paul can not fully endorse Bob Barr since Ron Paul wants to continue to work as a Republican congressman.

Ron Paul Ends Presidential Race

Friday, June 13th, 2008

It appears as though Ron Paul is further folding down his Presidential campaign. It seemed like Ron Paul gave an announcement about winding down his Presidential campaign earlier in the year. I guess that means Ron’s family members will no longer have work to do for the campaign.

Congressman Paul is trying to keep the movement alive through his new organization called Campaign for Liberty. The organization will take in the remaining funds Ron Paul’s campaign had received in donations. This is a positive development and it is always good to see more organization happening in a libertarian movement.

Ron Paul Way Ahead In Primary Poll

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Hawkish Republican blogs like Instapundit have repeatedly claimed that Ron Paul is facing a tough time in his primary challenge from Friendswood City Councilman Chris Peden.

It appears Ron Paul looks likely to receive an electoral victory, if the latest poll from Public Policy Polling is to believed. According to Public Policy Polling’s latest poll Ron Paul has 69% of the support with Chris Peden only receiving 30%.

Chris Peden has been hoping that his campaign would be successful by focusing on the Iraq war where Ron Paul has been a staunch opponent but it seems this tactic has not been successful as Paul leads 64-27 among voters who said Iraq was their biggest concern.

Here’s the details for all you policy wonks:
PPP surveyed 468 likely Republican primary voters on February 27th. The survey’s
margin of errors is +/-4.7%. Other factors, such as refusal to be interviewed and
weighting, may introduce additional error that is more difficult to quantify.

Source: Ballot Access News