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Hip-Hop Links March 11, 2010

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Here is a link to Geo of Blue Scholars joins KRS-ONE, Buckshot and Talib Kweli on the official remix for “OH REALLY,” produced by Marco Polo, off KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT’s Survival Skills album:/a>

The only regularly great part of the Jimmy Fallon show is the fact that The Roots are the house band. Thank goodness DJ Heat put a compilation together of performances of The Roots and guests on The Jimmy Fallen show.

The list for XXL’s list of 10 Freshmen for 2010 looks pretty weak.

Here is a mixtape by Mister Cee of The Notorious BIG

Hip-Hop Links July 8 2009

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

A group called the Brown Bag Allstars have a new song out called All I Do. Brown Bag Allstars features Audible Doctor, J57(formerly JLOG1C), KONCEPT, Soul Khan, DJ GOO Punch, E Holla, Deejay Elemen who I think are from New York. The track features a sample from Friends Of Distinction covering the Beatle’s “And I Love Her.” Link via The Smoking Section

The best thing about the Jimmy Fallon Show is the Roots. The latest example of this is Mos Def performing the song “Casa Bey” with the Roots“Casa Bey” is off of Mos Def’s New album The Ecstatic.
Link via HipHop Flavas Blog has a list of the top 6 homophobic rap songs.

Former Bad Boy rapper Loon has converted to Islam and is taking it somewhat seriously..In the interview below, Loon is interviewed about his conversion to Islam.

B-Real and Damian Jr Gong Marley have a video out for a song they did together called Fire. The song is off the album off of B-Real’s Smoke N Mirrors albums.

New Music Stuff March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Joel Ortiz has a great cover of Pete Rock’s “T.R.O.Y.”
Link via The RapUp

Here are a couple videos of De La Soul at The Key Club in Los Angeles:

De La Soul – Oooh! (Live @ The Key Club) 3/12/09 from on Vimeo.

De La Soul – The Grind Date (Live @ The Key Club) 3/12/09 from on Vimeo.
Link via Ben de AYora

Normally I don’t care about T-Pain but Nardwuar has an interesting interview with T-Pain.
It is good to see Nardwuar bring up the fact that T-Pain is basically making a career off of rehashing Cher’s old act.
Link via

MC Lyte has a new song called “Brooklyn.” It has a nice Caribbean sound to it that I like.

I’m tempted to start DVRing The Jimmy Fallon Show just for the musical performances. Here is a video of The Roots and Public Enemy performing “Bring The Noise:”Bring The Noise is a very hard song for a live band to get right musically but the Roots do a pretty good job.

Hip-Hop post-Obama

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

The New York Press has on hip-hop’s relationship with Barack Obama. The main point of the article is that hip-hop is also excited about Barack Obama being President because he is black, cool, and he gets hip-hop unlike all previous presidents.

The question is where does hip-hop go from here? Part of the appeal and power of hip-hop is that hip-hop has continued to serve as a voice of opposition of the status quo. A key element of rap music even in the works of commercial interests like Jay-Z has been to question the political leaders.

Based on the twittering of ?eustlove of The Roots, I am afraid most of hip-hop will automatically approve of Barack Obama’s actions. Thank goodness Dead Prez will still hold his feet to the fire.